Mar 27, 2015

pits and peaks: week 1

pits and peaks

| pits |

my car not starting, taking it to the mechanic only to have it start for them--by the way, my car is named "allison" and that's what she will be known as from now on. does anyone else name their car?

almost throwing up 5 times this week--i have a huge fear of throw-up, and let's just say a few tears were shed. isaac told my roommate marissa that he's never seen such willpower like mine when i'm trying not to throw up. mind over matter people!

| peaks |

meeting isaac for dinner before he went to work-- even two minutes with him is enough to make me happy, but a whole hour?! i was on cloud 9.

the gorgeous cherry blossoms showin' everyone what they're made of-- i have to resist taking 175937451957 pictures of them.

going to isaac's intramural games--i love a man who plays sport, and plays sports well.

showering 30 minutes before i had to leave for class and showing up with wet hair--no need to dry it, i got a fiancé! mission accomplished. okay, that's a joke. i promise i usually look better, it was just a rushed morning!

Mar 25, 2015


pocket of blossoms: pda

pda: public display of affection...yay or nay?

this question has been on my mind a lot lately. 
mostly because i feel the eyes on me and hear the whispers when i...

sit on isaac's lap,
smooch him on the cheek,
tickle him,
snuggle him,
kiss him,
give him a big hug and cuddle in his chest, 
or put my nose right up next to his face so that i can get a sweet little nose kiss...

in front of other people.

let's get one thing straight, did i include "make out" on that list? no.

now of course there is a time and place for pda. i wouldn't be doing most of those things in class, or at a business dinner, or at work. but lately i've been feeling a little bit shunned for being affectionate with my fiancé when we're with a group of people. 

i love isaac.
i love him more than i've ever loved anything or anyone.
and i want him to know that. 

so whether that be...

reaching for his hand and squeezing it,
giving him a smile across the room,
wrapping my arms around him when he's making us dinner,
giving him a kiss,
or sitting on his lap in public...

i'm going to do it. 
because i love him.

now, i realize that there are different love languages, and people grew up with different examples of love in relationships, and some may become embarrassed when they are affectionate in public. that's great. everyone expresses their love differently.

but this is how i show isaac i love him (amongst other ways), and i don't want to feel dirty or judged because i kiss my soon-to-be-husband in front of other people.

again, this is how i show isaac that i love him, not how i show other people that i love him. i don't mean to draw attention to my relationship at all. i only mean to draw my attention to my fiancé.

i also use words, service, gifts, etc. to show isaac i love him, in addition to kisses, cuddles, and hugs. so i'm not saying there is only one way to love or that i'm going to change my ways because of what people think, but i wish people understood the impact their words have on others.

i wouldn't dare share a post that was filled with such negativity, so, as i thought about how to conclude, i thought this thang needed a little silver lining. this has been going on for about a year now and i've tried to be as understanding as possible without sacrificing the affection i show isaac. this gossip about isaac and i seriously hurt my feelings.

one night i was reflecting about the circumstance i found myself in, and i remember feeling completely exhausted and torn down. sticks and stones may break my bones, but words sure do hurt me. have i ever gossiped before? yes...regrettably. i completely regret participating in any kind of gossip because now i know how it feels to be on the receiving end of that criticism. i will never forget that feeling.

the silver lining...i have changed.
not how affectionate i am with isaac,
but how i treat others (especially behind their backs).

gossip makes me cringe.
i have been trying my best to think before i speak,
and to compliment instead of judge.
i challenge anyone who is reading this to be a little kinder and a little less quick to judge.
and i take this same challenge.

and if the silver lining wasn't enough of a happy ending...the issue has been resolved thanks to the patience and love of all involved (insert smiley emoji here).

Mar 23, 2015

pretty in peplum

*discount code at the end*

anyone close to me knows that i am obsessed with 3 things.

1. snickerdoodle cookies
2. nordstrom
3. peplum. peplum anything. 

seriously, take me to nordstrom, give me a warm snickerdoodle cookie, and buy me a peplum shirt/skirt/dress, i'll be your best friend forever and ever.

being so peplum-obsessed means that i am super picky about the peplums i buy. lots of stores sell some pretty sub-par peplums if you ask me! let's talk about the perfect peplum (does that sound ditzy or what?) must be stylish and comfy, but most importantly the peplum must not droop! nothing is worse than a droopy peplum, take it from me.

this is no joke people! i actually love peplums that much, and i found the perfect one! 

drumroll please...

 photo 20150220-0562_zps3jccvmjb.jpg

 photo 20150220-0589_zpszoh0kmaf.jpg

 photo 20150220-0576_zpskfykzqok.jpg

 photo 20150220-0518_zpsopvuyiga.jpg

this perfect peplum and these gorg turquoise earrings (that i wore for engagement pictures) are both from the pink armoire!

use discount code "pocket20" for 20% off your entire first purchase!
more from the pink armoire coming next week, along with my picks of best items in the shop!

photo cred goes to the amazing stephanie nichols!

Mar 20, 2015

life lately

| favorite moments |
meeting up with family for dinner in one of my favorite places--i love having my favorite people all in one place!

running the stadium stairs with isaac--my legs were jelly. fo real. 

passing by "uptown cheapskate" (a store i've wanted to go to for awhile), isaac seeing the amazement on my face, then offering to take me there after dinner--they had clothing from lululemon, j. crew, anthropologie, you name it! i was drooling.

going to a friend's wedding reception and dancing with isaac--it got us so excited for our own wedding! and my girl alix from wally films did their wedding, so that was awesome!

reading kayla's post about marriage--read it. this girl knows what she's talking about.

pocket of blossoms: life lately
bag: c/o jordana paige
pocket of blossoms: life lately

pocket of blossoms: life lately

 photo dancing jones wedding 1 of 1_zpsnkfhio0c.jpg

| favorite places to eat lately |
chipotle--always and forever. we love their chicken bowls. okay, now i'm craving one.

bluelemon--little steak tacos and lemon blueberry pancakes, not at the same time of course!

cubby's--world famous sweet potato fries...well, not world famous, but kiely famous for sure!

the habit--best hamburgers around. yes, yes, better than in-n-out (and that's saying something because i'm from california!).

pocket of blossoms: life lately

pocket of blossoms: life lately

| conversations |
me: what are some adjectives that describe me?
isaac: goofy, cute...expensive?? what's another word for that?

at bluelemon for breakfast (while eating their lemon blueberry pancakes!)
isaac: so i've been meaning to tell you...your mom accidentally sent me a picture of your wedding dress on a group message.
me: *half-laugh*
isaac: *blank stare*
me: *lip quiver*
isaac: sorry honey.
me: *tears running down my cheeks*
isaac: whoa, don't cry honey! i was joking!
me: *gave isaac a little punch on the arm*

pocket of blossoms: life lately

ginger from the parrish place does a "weekly lemonade" where she shares photos and writes about the 'sweets and sours' of the week! i've been thinking of doing something similar every friday, so that i can reflect on everything that happens during the week, big things and little things. 

now i just need a name for this weekly thang...any suggestions?

Mar 18, 2015

hogle zoo

pocket of blossoms: hogle zoo

isaac and i had a busy saturday this past weekend! but a good kind of busy...gasp! is that even possible? i'm so glad you asked that question. yes, yes it is.
we started off the day at isaac's intramural game, then played tennis together, went to provo bakery for the first time, rented a puppy, went to the zoo, and finished with dinner at the yummiest place on the planet (chipotle).

at first when isaac suggested we go to the zoo, i agreed, but wasn't sure how much fun we'd have. i thought it would be a nice time, but i didn't think it would be a top five date. i was so wrong! i should've known that being with isaac makes everything fun. we had a blast.

pocket of blossoms: hogle zoo
^whoa. can i have your number?
pocket of blossoms: hogle zoo

pocket of blossoms: hogle zoo
^side note: this jordana paige bag came in the mail last week and i couldn't stop talking to isaac about it. that front pocket unzips and becomes a clutch! why didn't anyone think of that before?!
pocket of blossoms: hogle zoo
^these sea lions kept fighting. is that how they show their love??
pocket of blossoms: hogle zoo
^the post that this sign was next to smelt like old, dried urine. just sayin'.
pocket of blossoms: hogle zoo

pocket of blossoms: hogle zoo
^isaac's vision for this picture was that the animal would go up to him across the glass, sit down, stare into his eyes, place its paw on the glass, and then isaac place his hand against the paw across the glass. i keep telling him that he needs to unfollow "nature" on instagram. his expectations are a little high hahaha. 
pocket of blossoms: hogle zoo

it was the perfect day at the zoo!

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